Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Week 47 in Field!

This week started off with Zone Conference on Monday!
We decided to kick off the day bright an early with a game of soccer at 6am with the other districts :3

Zone Conference started at 8am and it was a day full of spiritual enrichment, self-assessments, role plays, a special musical number by our district, games and lots of food!

Our Zone Leaders :P 

After a full day of training and fun, we were all ready for some sleep because the next day, Tuesday, was a regular working day!
And boy was it a miraculous day!

Among all the crazy things that happened on Tuesday, was a very special lesson at the very end of the day. 
We had just finished teaching our investigator, JiJi a short lesson and were all kneeling down as she offered us the closing prayer.
Soon after she started praying, she stopped and we could feel the power of the Spirit fill the room.
We could all feel that each one of us was praying in our hearts with all the power of our souls. 
The air was so thick with prayers that it was almost tangible. 
We knew that JiJi was praying in her heart for the confirmation that Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson were indeed prophets. 
It was silent in the room for several minutes...but it wasn't really silent at all as prayers resonated from hearts. 
I begged our Father in Heaven to help JiJi feel His love and pleaded with Him to enfold her in His arms as she knelt down in sincere prayer and as she reached forth her hand towards Him. 
I knew that the member who was helping us teach, Gaw, and my companion were doing the same. 
After several minutes JiJi finished her prayer out loud for the rest of us and through a teary smile told us that she had received an answer from God about prophets. 
I am so very grateful for JiJi's example of sincere, heartfelt prayers with real intent.
I know that she is able to get the answers she seeks through prayer because she doesn't ever doubt that Heavenly Father will answer her prayers and she is ready to act on the answers she receives!
It is a huge blessing to be able to learn from her example! 

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