Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week 46 in Field!

PDAY Adventures up to the Mountains!
As a district, we all woke up at 2am and left from the church at 3am to go on a four hour trip up to the mountains to serve and teach Sister Ying's family.

How can there be so much beauty in the world? 

Giant Cucumber Baby! 

Cabbage Fields! 

Rice Fields!

Corn Field! 


E. Sun trying to eat a butterfly...

Our shoes...? 

This was one crazy way to start off our week! But it was so very worth it.
Our district made the goal of trying to have more unity.
Although going sightseeing anywhere else would have been fun and would have helped us to get to know each other better and bring us closer together, being able to serve side by side and teach together was far more effective than we could have hoped for! 
There is nothing like service and the language of love to bring people closer together.
Charity has no boundaries!
Although Sister Ying's family speak Gallian, and most of us missionaries speak English as our first language, we somehow found common ground through Thai and Hmong and most importantly the gospel. 
As we testified of the Plan of Salvation language was not a barrier and we were all able to feel the Spirit testify of the truthfulness of the gospel. 
Our lost sleep was a little tough to deal with for the rest of the week, but this adventure up into the mountains was definitely a blessing that will always be remembered! 

Other adventures throughout the week included some climbing...

Changing the long incorrect number on our English Sign :) 

District Meeting - How to prepare our Investigators for Baptism! 
Elder Shipp as our Investigator... 

Our tiredness taking a toll...BUT still full of happiness as we serve the Lord in teaching repentance and baptizing converts! :3

Even Red Bull couldn't keep Sister Courchaine alive... 

And...some more climbing...

And break-ins to the church...


That about summarizes my week in a nutshell! Plus all of our lessons with some awesome investigators who are currently preparing to be baptized on Oct 2! 
I'll write more about their stories later :) 

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