Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 62 in Field!

Last P-Day, we went to a trampoline park! 
While Sister Ward and Elder Stevens did their flips, and Elder Brown did tricks of his own.... I was at a loss at what to do (never really played on trampolines growing up) :P
BUT, it was still a lot of fun :3

And then....the highlight!! My new rideee!!! :D 

With Sister Ddu and Sister Bird, two strong, faithful women ^^

Playing soccer inside the house! I am proud to say I won 3-2 :P

On Thursday, I had to go the office in Bangkok for a meeting for missionaries going home in the next few months.
We got there at about 4 in the morning and camped outside for a while.
Sister Ward just passed out. She didn't even know I was taking pictures, or that CoCo came to play :3


Soon later, some of the office workers came and let us in, and the sleeping continued :P

On Friday, we went to Khaw's school to support her in her performance for Children's Day! 
She is one good dancer :D

On Sunday, the Elders' investigator, Sister Nong got baptized!!!

It was also Brother Ddong's birthday!
...more of his shrimp farm... 


For his birthday, Elder Brown let Brother Ddong make this glue cast for his hand! 

Some of the highlights from this past week:

On Saturday, we experienced three huge miracles! 
1) The investigator we went to go find at the market wasn't there, but we finally got the chance to talk to another really nice lady who has always been friendly towards us. We invited her, and introduced her and her husband to the Godhead and invited them to church. We were pleasantly surprised that both of them were open to learning more! (It was our first time meeting the husband, and at first we were only talking to the wife, but he joined in and had questions about confessing sin in Christianity). I am so excited to teach them next week! They even like the idea of trying out church on Sunday! 
2) After that, instead of sticking to our plan for that time slot, I felt prompted to go back and see Pa Tongpoon and MEE Somboon who we didn't get a chance to see earlier as planned. On the way there, we stopped to invite an old man whom Sister Ward felt prompted to invite for the past couple weeks, but we had not had the chance to (because after we started trying to invite him, he wasn't around). Although he seemed a little crazy, we could tell how lonely he was and we knew God needed us to invite him that day. 
3) Then, I felt strongly that we should go to the church to plan for English Class instead of going to see Pa and MEE. I felt bad for switching plans again, especially because I didn't know if I didn't want to go see them out of laziness and lack of emotional capacity to deal with sad old people (especially after the man that we had just invited), or if it really was a prompting. But, after explaining this to Sister Ward, we went to the church. As we were about to leave the chapel to go visit Sister Li, MEE Gope called asking about Yaay Gulap ( we had previously planned to teach her, but it fell through). MEE said that she would still come by the church, and so we waited. While we waited, Sister Shompoo showed up out of the blue and asked us to pray with her because she needed a spiritual boost. As we prayed with her, and started sharing a spiritual message from the Book of Mormon, MEE Gope joined in. As it turned out, MEE Gope had a hard day too, and so we were able to help both of these ladies through the scriptures and our testimonies. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to  show my love for them by opening my mouth and standing out of the way of the spirit. 
Sunday was a miraculous day too!
1) When we walked into church, To our utter surprise and absolute delight, Ddon was there! Ddon and Goi had moved to Ayuttaya for work, but had come back because they missed Korat and church!! 
2) Fern, another one of our investigators who we didn't see the week before showed up too!  
3) In total, we had 5 investigators at church and the Elders had 4!! 

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