Sunday, January 1, 2017

Week 60 in Field!- Another Perfect Week

This past week was another PERFECT WEEK! 
It was another full week full to the brim with miracles.
Just when we thought things couldn't get better, Heavenly Father blessed us with even more miracles! 

On Monday, we had Family Home Evening with Sister Bird's family. 
We got the chance to meet and teach her mother too :)
In the Korat Ward, we are doing a 40 day fast. 
We asked each member to prayerfully consider a person in their lives who may be ready to hear the gospel, and this was Sister Bird's answer. Grandma who had never read from the scriptures before, was able to share what she like from Alma Chapter 7 as we read it together! 
The 40 day fast has been a huge blessing for us in not only finding new investigators, but in helping the member build stronger testimonies. Several members were amazed at how powerful a fast could be and we impressed that they could fast for a full two meals as many of them were not able to do that before. I don't have words sufficient enough to express my gratitude and testimony about the power of fasting and praying with a righteous purpose! 

On Tuesday, as we approached the church building for District Meeting, we ran into a couple of ladies who had wandered into our yard.
We quickly found out that they came by because they wanted to learn more about our church!!
We set up an appointment for that evening and it was a tough, but good lesson.
Boongki and Bom, especially Boongki seemed to be sincerely searching for the truth.
Boongki had all the right questions!  
At the end of the lesson, with the invitation to read and search for answers in the Book of Mormon, Bom proceeded to pray out loud, asking a question and opened the Book at random to find her answer. 
The first time around was a little unclear, but the second time, she was able to get a clear answer! 
Sister Ward and I area excited to continue teaching them in the New Year !! 

Wednesday was a little rough because we had almost all of our plans fall through, but the Lord is merciful and we were able to see His Merciful Hand in our day. 
After teaching an investigator, we were left with an hour block because our plans had fallen through. As we were trying to decided what to do, my companion turned to me and asked, "What? You want to go visit Sister Nxn? " She looked confused as I, equally confused, answer, "What? No, I didn't say that." Sister Ward could have sworn she heard me say it. It wasn't part of our plans, or back up plans that day, but we decided it was something Heavenly Father needed us to do and made our way over to visit her. 
There weren't any firework moments, or flashing lights telling us why we were there that day, but we knew it was where we needed to be. 
Soon after that, we were inviting in a neighbourhood of soldiers, when we saw an older lady with her granddaughter sitting by a market. We approached and invited her to learn and was able to easily set up an appointment for the next day! 
Up until that point, our inviting adventures seemed fruitless, but boy were we glad we didn't give up and found her!! 

Tender Mercies in the form of little fluffy puppies! 

Thursday was a BIG day!
Sister Ward and I found ourselves laughing the whole day, rejoicing in our Lord! 
Every hour was graced with a miracle. 
On our way to go find an investigator, we ran into Bank who happened to be free and agreed to help us teach!!
When our investigator we went to find wasn't there, Sister Ward and I decided to try and find an answer as to what we were to do with our time by opening up our scriptures. 
We didn't get a direct answer, expect to repent and make proper backup plans next time.
We then decided to go ahead with going to visit a member who worked near by that had been one of the possible backup plans for later hours. 
And we were grateful to have followed that plan! 
We found Brother Dam, smiley as usual, but found out that he had been away because his older brother had passed away.
Brother Dam has always been easy going, likes to joke and has a big, warm smile on his face.
He was much the same that day, but we could see the sorrow in his eyes. 
The scripture that we had planned to share with him was perfect, and as we testified of the Plan of Salvation, we could see the Spirit touch his heart. 
As we were able to share those short minutes with him, sharing his sorrow, my own testimony and gratitude of the Plan of Salvation grew! 
We will see those who have passed on again because our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ overcame death. 
We can all return to Heavenly Father's Kingdom as we faithfully endure the trials in this life.
What a magnificent truth that is!
After that, Sister Jenny took us to see two of her friends! 
After the first lesson, we needed to take a TukTuk.
As Sister Jenny just finished saying, "I'm not sure where we'll find a TukTuk. They very rarely come down this street," a TukTuk came speeding down the street as if out of thin air! 
All three of us squealed in delight and thanked the Lord for his mercy! 
We are so grateful for Sister Jenny's incredible loyalty to our God and for diligent efforts in finding people to teach and share the gospel with. 
She has already helped so many come into the fold of Christ, and she is definitely not finished!! 
Go Sister Jenny! 

Jenny and James - we ran into James at the market where we went to find our second referral! 
He is currently waiting for his mission call, and working to support his family of two, him and his mom. 
What a talented boy :)

The best thing that happened on Friday was our lesson with Bao, the lady at the market in the soldiers' neighborhood that we met a couple days prior.
As we testified of the Restoration, she attentively listened.
At the end of the lesson, she said, "It's weird. Everywhere I go, the apostles come and find me. They come and ask to teach me. 
Well, I guess calling the my siblings is a better term for them"
I could not believe my ears! "Heavenly Father misses you! He wants you to find the truth!!" 
She had learned about Christianity before, but hasn't been to church in a while. She says she's just Buddhist now, but was delighted to know that she could still pray and learn about Christ's teachings even if she's not converted yet! 
We are so excited to teach her more about just how amazing the gospel is!
We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for preparing Bao to learn about the fullness of the gospel and for leading us to her!! ^^

Sports Night

On New Years Eve, everyone seemed to be out of town, but we found people we could go visit.
It was really a day where we visited a lot of Elderly members, many of whom are now sick and cannot come to church every week. 
As we spent time with them, and bonded over the gospel, I was grateful for the faith and examples of these amazing sons and daughters of God! 

In the evening, we ate pizza with Milk, a recent convert :3 

District Unity? 

Friendly Visitor at Church on Sunday

New Year's Gift from Noah (age 11)

Visiting Sister Cat!! <3

Morning exercises?? 

What a crazy week! But, I couldn't have asked for a better one!! 
I am also excited to say that no on in our district is moving and that we will all be serving together in Korat for another transfer! 
I am so eternally grateful for the miracles that I have witnessed and been a part of these past couple of weeks. 


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