Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 63 in Field!

Family Home Lunch Time with Sister Li, Sister Nang, Goi, Ddon and the Elders!
We ate pizza and Elder Brown taught Sister Li to play the drums :3

Then, for PDAY, we went to go see the sunset with a truck-full of wonderful people!

Sister Ward is growing up to be a great missionary!
She can even make phone calls in Thai now!!^^

with our Spirit animals :3

Sister Ward seizing every opportunity to exercise? Or is it just a method to stay awake during studies?! 

We had a lunch date with a General at the nearby military base. 
We talked about how we can co-ordinate with the other organizations there to teach English :)



Sister Ward and her doppelganger! 

Internet Cafe FRIEND! 

A Trail of Endless Tears and the Sinking Titanic

So much has happened this past week that I'm not sure I remember everything.
All I can say is that I am eternally grateful to my Heavenly Father who trusts me enough to place me in the lives of very specific people. 
One of the greatest blessings has been to be a shoulder to cry on. 
I can't heal a broken heart. But, I can embrace someone in my arms and pray that they will be enfolded in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father. 
Words cannot express how grateful I am to have a Savior, who is the only being who can truly put the pieces of a broken heart back together. 
It's been a frustrating week to watch a cascade of miscommunication, hard feelings, disloyalty and rash decisions pile up and start sinking our Titanic. 
If there is one thing I learned from all of this is that family is so very important. 
We will be faced with extremely hard trials, but as we hold firm together as a family through faith, God will take care of us. 

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