Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 65 in Field!

PDAY Adventures 

Family Home Evening with Sister Whipa and James :3 

Saying Goodbyes to our amazing investigator, MEE Bao :')
This incredible woman has so much faith and trust that God will take care of her. 
Even though her husband won't let her go to church freely, she is trying her best to come unto Christ in the best ways she can. 
She is moving to Bangkok, but we know that one day our paths will cross again. 
Like she says, the Earth is round, we are bound to meet again :) 
She has full trust that Heavenly Father will send her missionaries again. 

English Class Miracle!
All of inviting at SaveOne paid off as our class was filled with people we had invited!! 

Spiritual Thought Activity - write a note to someone you care about :)
Our students are so cute :3 

Potentially my last Zone Conference?! 

I was slightly caught off guard when President Johnson asked me to bear my joping (finishing, final) testimony since it's not certain that I'll be here for the next Zone Conference... 
I can't believe that I am down to my last transfer!! I never thought the day would come when it would be my turn to bear this testimony...
I have learned, grown, and witnessed so much on my mission! 
I refuse to believe that I only have less than 5 weeks left!

Waiting for our bus to go home after Zone Conference consisted of us chilling out at Tesco Lotus, awkwardly standing and chatting away in the aisles.... 

Teaching English at an Elementary School

Sunday was Elder Stevens's Birthday! 

With Andy and Jared's family, our lovely Filipinos <3 

Today is Elder Brown's Birthday!
We started the day off with a game of soccer in matching uniforms :3 

This past week, I thought a lot about personal revelation.
I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for individually loving each one of His Children. 
He cares about the details of our lives, even the small ones. 
I am amazed each time I kneel down in prayer and can feel His hand in my life, guiding me to go in the right direction. 
I am grateful for the comfort and peace that comes with trusting in our Father in Heaven and for the ability to repent each and every day as we apply the atonement, and accept our Savior's hand. 
Life is Beautiful!!! ^^ 

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