Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 66 in Field!

Birthday Celebrations for Elder Brown and Elder Stevens Continued... 

On Tuesday, an unexpected call came that I would be moving to a new area for my last four weeks...
It was shocking and disappointing...but I couldn't do much else but pack up...

Saying Goodbye to Hulk who has been my best bud for the majority of my mission was hard... 

Saying goodbyes to investigators and RCs... 

Last meal with my daughter, Sister Ward.... 

On the morning of transfers, we were the first ones at the office...again haha

Where have I been transferred to? Asoke International Ward! What does that mean? 
My companion and I are in charge of all the foreigners in all of Bangkok except for Chaengwattana, Don Mxang and Pakhret. 
That's a HUGE area...but it also means a lot of freedom :P
And...teaching in English.... 

While teaching our Pakistani investigator, her parents offered us some breakfast. 
I was sick for an entire day prior to this and although I was scared I would vomit, I ate some of the food they graciously shared with us to show my gratitude. 
We also tried turning down their "tea" because we weren't sure if it was herbal or tea that we don't drink (language barrier is a real struggle sometimes), but epicly failed and although still skeptical at their reassurance that it was herbal....drank it.
Just doing things for the Kingdom I guess...... O.o

My companion's name is Sister Fa! She's from New Zealand and is Tongan :3

Teaching a family from Sri Lanka

Teaching our Burmese Family 
Little Rohan reads the Book of Mormon in Thai, his sister Jodti reads in English, and their parents read in Hindi because the Book of Mormon is not yet translated into Burmese. 
It's amazing to see their faith in doing their best to get over the language barrier to read the word of God! 

Best Friends!! 

This past week has been pretty hectic! Between being sick, and trying to see past language barriers, getting used to teaching in English and getting to know a new area... It's been busy. 
It's definitely different from any of my other areas, but it seems like it'll be an adventure! 
I am grateful to have a Father in Heaven who is mindful of all people. Every single person is a child of God!  
I excited to see what miracles are in store in this's already off to a great start!! 
I am also grateful for the specific people that Heavenly Father places in each of our lives. He knows our needs and will place us with those who we need, and those who need us. 
How comforting it is to know that He will always send us help when we seek and plead for it and are diligent in keeping His commandments!

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