Monday, February 6, 2017

Wisconsin really is the best mission in the world!

Hello lovelies! :D

Monday: We went out to eat with the Kouba family at Lates. They had the best homemade cheese curds, onion rings and burgers! They also had the best milkshakes ever! Wisconsin really is the best mission in the world and America's dairyland! We went to see sister Gunderson who's so awesome! She knows everything about everything! She also lives in a mobile home located in a trailor park which is the coolest thing ever! 

Tuesday: We visited the Estradas, sister Maynard, sister Smotherman and Xavier so that Sister Wright could say her goodbyes. The Diehl's made Sister Wright her favourite meal for her last supper as they called it haha. They're the ones with the cool farm. We love them! We had district calls on our drive down to Waukesha. We stayed the night there with a bunch of other sisters that I love so that was a party! 

Wednesday: Sister Koyle and I drove down bright and early to the trainer's ,meeting at the Milwaukee South stake center. My heart jumped for joy when I got back to my old area. I love Muskego Lakes! I'm a mom! My baby is Sister Hendricksen from Spanish Fork, Utah. And guess what!? She's my dream child! She's a ginger with freckles! She's quiet but super sweet with just enough sass in there! She has great desires to learn and work hard so watch out Manny town! I also got to say bye to Nixi and Sister Poole who were done with their missions. I also got to see my recent convert Kathryn whom I adore. She's doing great! I'm out of time but I love you all!  Just remember that no matter where you're at in life that Christ is there for you to help you and lift you up. We can do anything with his help. We just need to rely on Him! I love and miss you all! xoxo <3

Sister Hendricksen & I


Nixi & I

Sister Hendricksen & I

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