Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 68 in Field!

This past week has flown by!! 

Hopefully these pictures will capture some of the highlights

FHE with this beautiful Burmese Family!
We testified of the Plan of Salvation and made a poster for their wall :) 

Pleasure to be serving with these Gentlemen! 

What better to help someone feel loved than hearts with encouraging scriptures and quotes? 

The only missionaries serving as international in all of Thailand!!! :D

A HUGE MIRACLE! The Elders from Burma were in Thailand for a couple days to do visas and come to Zone Conference and while they were here, two of them were able to teach and interview Brother Om for baptism!!!
These two Elders who were more than willing to serve in an area that was not there own were such an enormous blessing to this beautiful family! 


My LAST ZONE CONFERENCE (for real this time! I guess I made it to the next one from the last time :P ) 

On top of the spiritual upliftment and direction we received, we received direction on how to be better English teachers and learned from fun activities! 

My Granddaughter in the Mission, Sister Watts! :) 



On Friday Morning, Sister Fa and I had the opportunity to go the Immigration Detention Center where refugees who were not able to get visas are pretty much imprisoned until they can find a sponsor to help them get a visa. One of the most charitable members here in the Asoke International Ward, Sister Shaheen, brings food twice a week, every week for the trapped inside. She seems to have become the leader of a group of people who work together to put together food and care packets.
We helped this incredible woman bring one huge bag of food each (each person is only allow to bring in food for one person and the people on the inside are free to share as they wish).
Inside there are two row of chained fences, with an aisle in between. We had to yell across to the other side in hopes of some communication. 
There are no individual rooms, and everyone is talking (or rather shouting) at the same time, so it's all very hectic...
But, despite that, what a special experience it was to get to know some of the people inside!
It really put my life into perspective, of how lucky I really am to be free! My heart was filled with compassion towards all the people in the IDC and many others struggling to find refuge. 
For a moment, life really seemed unfair. 
But, I know that there is hope. I know that if we endure, and endure well in this life, with faith in our Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ we will be welcome in our Father in Heaven's Kingdom with open arms!
It's hard being a missionary in the international ward because even people who want to be baptized, cannot be unless they have a visa. 
Thank goodness for God's perfect plan which will give them a real chance to be ! 

Different cultures also means different methods of eating...?!?! 

This fabulous family is incredible!
No matter what life throws at them, you can be sure that this family with fight with their unwavering faith! 

I met Jenny, one the first investigators (actually I think she was THE FIRST one)  I taught as a Greenie!!
She still has not been baptized, but is trying in her own way to keep the fire of her faith flaming! 

We taught Jodti (a recent convert)'s cousin, Dip!
To our amazement, our testimonies about our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost and prayer in a brief lesson almost instantly touched his heart!!
He wants it to be true! And desires to learn learn more :D 

Jodti sent this video clip of our lesson to a friend ! 
And he replied thus: 
"seems like Sis Kwak taught white magic to the black night"
black night being Dip the magician :) 

One of the members has this on her shelf! It's an honour to have made it on there! 

A bride sighted at church!! 

What an incredible journey it has been for this family!!!
Only one more son, then they will all be baptized! :)

There was another 8 year old baptism too!!! What a cutie! 

Other Sunday Adventures!!! 

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