Monday, December 21, 2015

Niagara Falls!

Monday - Some of our zone went to Niagara Falls on preparation day. It was us plus the Stoneycreek elders (Beddes and Ditty), the China elders (Jenkins and Lau), the St. David elders (Cragun and Vargas) and the zone leaders from Hamilton (Butler and Smith). We walked on the boardwalk of the falls and walked around the little town. Its like a little theme park! It was so cool and fun. After we took some pictures near the falls we went to Smokes Poutinerie which is Elder Vargas fave! Everyone on the mish here loves Smokes! It wasnt as ogod as home but the bacon cheeseburger was still pretty good! We were finally able to meet with our new convert for the first time since ive been here. Lets just call her Pa. Shes super sweet! She loves the Book of Mormon and shes coming to do baptisms in the temple with us on January 9th. Im so excited! Her daughter Ny also loves coming to church!

Tues - We met with one of our I's named Cor. Shes still struggling with understanding how the Book of Mormon and Bible are diferrent but go together. But we brought our den momma Melissa with us and she testified about how the Book of Mormon can help us each individually with our own personal struggles in life. Ive really seen that to be true especially on the mission when theres always so many things to improve. I really love the book of mormon! We visited with a member named Stella whos in her 90s and she have us some souvenirs spoons to remember our time in St Cats. Shes sweet! We went to dinner at the burtons. Brother Burton used to be in a band in the 80s and she showed us the flashy coat that he used to wear. Theres also another brother in the ward who was in the band with him and so theyve been friends for like 50s years. They both had some really inspiring conversion stories to tel.

Wed - We went to teach jen about faith. She does not have much of a religious background so we felt like we had to start from the beginning with her and do one principle at a time. As missionaries we are to help people increase their faith in the Saviour and so thats what were trying to do with her!

Thurs - We went to visit with a less active member named C at a members home. Weve taught him everything but he cant seem to find the motivation to come to church and to stop smoking. I felt inspired to do the twelve step program with him. Its the only thing that we havent tried so far. The first step is honesty and he finished that next week. Bro C said that it really helped him realize that he had an addiciton and that most of all he needed to be honest with himself. 

Fri - Exchanges! Sister Droge came here and Sister Bell went to Hamilton with sister Reeves. So me and sister Cook had to attempt to figure out the area for ourselves! We taught eight lessons and it was great! One of our less actives Hay referred her friend to us at the end of her lesson. She actually came with us to her neighbours house and she let us in and we taught her the restoration. Exchange miracles! Sister Droge is froem Germany random fact. 

Sat - We were able to contact a member who moved her from the canada montreal mission and set up a lesson with her im so pumped! 

Sun - We met with Brother j and he always feeds us delicious baked goods! We met with a returning member named paula who is so awesome! she hasnt been smoking for like a week and has no cravings because she told heavenly father that if he takes the cravings away shell quit. 

I love being a missionary! And i love you all! p.s. please pray for visa! :D <3
sister bell has short hair and shes from ogden! sister cook is from logan! love them!

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  1. Dear Sis. Mansfield
    I'm so happy that you're having wonderful spiritual experiences! All these things that you're doing will be added on to you! I miss that bright beautiful smile of yours, so glad that I stumbled onto your blog. You're so busy with your comp doing the
    Lords work...I'm so proud of seem very happy and that makes me happy. I don't have a scripture popping into my head right now, just know that I to am a believer in the scriptures, in the Prophet, in the Lord. So happy to have these things in my life and yours. The Church is true in all that it incompasses, we simple must hang on to the iron rod.
    Happy New Year Sis Mansfield. May all the choicest blessings be your to claim!
    Love you!!
    Sis Pat D xo