Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The True Meaning of Christmas :)

Christmas week was a good week. The Lord really hastens his work during the holiday. A family in the ward had us deliver a christmas meal to another family in the ward because they wanted to remain anonymous. That family is so charitable. Our investigator Jen was so much happier this week. I know its because she had been consistently reading from the book or mormon and praying daily. Going to church, praying and reading the scriptures (CPR) are the keys to happiness in life! Brother Wright bought us this big box of fish and chips from a restaurant in St. Davids and it was so delicious! We had dinner at the Burtons house another night and Brother Burton was pet sitting skinnypigs! Look them up! A return missionary who served here is living with a Sister in the ward and they had us over for lunch. They made us some Peruvian potato pie i think its called. that was cool! Brother Jewer even gifted us three cartons of egg nog! We helped sister Stockwells neighbour in St. Davids hand out some Niagara Times papers before district meeting. It was really fun! For Christmas eve dinner the Jones family has us over for homemade perogies and turkey. It was so delicious! Bishop and sister jones are hilarious and their kids are adorable! Skyping my family on Christmas was amazing! It was so nice to see everyones faces! We had pancakes, fruit and ltos of bacon for breakfast with Loretta. Yummy! We had dinner with the Curry's! I just really love eating! Then Brother Wright took us to Niagara falls to see the falls lit up at night at the christmas lights. the members all spoiled us this christmas with gifts! I felt both super loved and blessed. As much as i think the members love us. its what we stand for, give up and share with people that they love. it was ncie to have a quiet christmas focused on the saviours birth and how we can help other people discover the true joy of his gospel. i love you all! :D <3

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