Monday, December 7, 2015

week 4 in the field

Today, I am a little shaken with some sad news from home that Calico, our cat who has been in our family for 14 years and who is practically my younger sister passed away a few weeks ago...
And news that some of my extended family members are not doing so well, health wise....
But on the brighter side, life out in the field is fantastic! 

Here are some of this week's miracles and adventures! 

Dec 4 2015
Our miracle came in the form of three little angels...
These three angels, each took us by the hand and took us around their neighbourhood, taking us to corners that we would otherwise have missed, and enabling us to talk with people that we would otherwise not have been able to reach out to. 
We were strangers to them, and yet they were so excited to help us! They fought over the pass along cards, and competed with each other to see who could pass one out  first to the people that we stopped to talk to. 
I could not help but feel their closeness to the Spirit World, in which they were with our Heavenly parents, not too long ago. 
I knew that these girls who were about 6 or 7 years old, were more in tune with the Spirit than I was... 
I knew that the Spirit was working through them, and leading us to the people that we needed to meet today. 
Without really understanding, these angels were helping us to gather Israel!
One could not deny the light of Christ in their eyes and the Spirit filling their countenances! 
As my companion loves to remind me, everyone will have their own conversion story one day.
With these beautiful little girls, maybe it will be that years from now, they remember that one day, when they were only 6 or 7 years old, they ran along beside a couple of missionaries who stopped by their neighbourhood, and they helped spread the gospel. 

The little girl beside me is the same girl that helped us out last week! 

How awesome is she?! Writing out our potential investigator's contact info for us!

This is what happens when you get a little girl to take a picture...
But it doesn't matter because the one important thing in this picture is captured perfectly...
Our potential investigator is smiling beautifully in this picture, holding a picture of Christ... 
I know that when someone accepts Christ into their lives, they glow with Heavenly light.
I know this because I have witnessed it.
This girl has made a step forward in learning more about Christ and accepting Him.
I don't know if she'll accept Him any time soon, but that's not important because she has made a step forward, a step closer.

Dec 5 2015
Today was Sister Hayes's Birthday! And Father's Day...And the Thailand King's Birthday!
We started our day off by taking some pictures wearing our "Bike for Dad" shirts that practically everyone in Thailand has for Father's Day, which is also the King's Birthday! 

Then we had a cake for Sister Hayes's Birthday..

But what happened later on in the afternoon was most precious of all! We were on our way to visit a recent convert, who is starting to become less active.
On our way, Sister Hayes decided to stop and talk with a girl who looked distressed. 
Her countenance was dark, and there wasn't much light in her eyes...
Thank goodness my trainer stopped to talk!
As we talked with her, and testified to her that she had a Father in Heaven who loved her so very much, and wanted nothing more than for her to be happy...
all this poor girl could do was hold the Plan of Salvation pamphlet close to her chest and weep. 
Her right hand was missing their fingers, her clothing dirty, and her face bruised and cut, which made me wonder if she was a victim of domestic abuse. 
I am so thankful that the Spirit led us to this poor little girl, who seems to have nothing but misery in her life right now.
If we had not been there, at that location, at that exact time, we may never have met her. 
This was the first time on my mission so far that I really felt the power of the gospel, the power to drastically change someone's life. 
She committed to coming to church the next day, but fell ill with a fever and didn't end up coming...
But it is my greatest hope and prayer that we will be able to see her again, and to teach her and help her to accept Christ so that she can have true happiness and peace in her life. 

First rain storm for Sister Kwak in Thailand!! 

A present from one of our investigators because my name is Minnie! 
I put a name tag on her so that we can both be missionaries... 

Birthday Cake from one of the members~

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