Monday, December 7, 2015

St Catharines Ontario! :D <3

monday- my last pday with the bodacious brampton zone so sad! we went to eat at the mandarin buffet which was so fun and yummy ofcourse! then sister chelson and i had dinner at the shermans to bid them farewell. its funny because they were the first members that we met with when we opened the area so it was bittersweet.  then we dropped by the sousa family and sister h to say our goodbyes. brampton its been a great run!

tuesday- hello st catharines! so guess what!? im a tripanionship! so fun! its like a slumber party all the time! my companions are sister bell who is my sister on the mission and sister cook who is my niece. weird fmaily dynamic lol. sister cook and i are both finishing up training. so first we met with a retuning member sister p and taught the law of chastity. that went well. shes so straightforward its fun! then we met with a recent convert named sister e. shes adorable! and has desired to serve a mission! yay! then we street contacted downtown with the christmas initiative. check out the video on its so good! then we prepared a misison prep lesson for the young women. then there was a relief society christmas dinner so i got to know some of the sisters. they put on a play about the women in christs life. it was nice. i met ericas friend rachel! small world! 

wed- we volunteerd in a womens shelter making them meals for a couple of hours. it felt good. i realized that its really hard to cut a cabbage! exercise! the women there are really kindred spirits. we actually ate lunch with them after and found a new investigator there! her name is c. she wants to discover why a saviour was born yay! then we spent some more time downtown contacting people. the kings had us over for dinner and we had some fietas yum! then we role played the restoration with the young women. some of them were super into it! i see some future sister missionaries! 

thurs- we taught an invesigator named d at the library. we taught him the restoration and he took everything super well. he really wants to find a good church with nice people because hes joined many previously. then we met with a returning member sister c. shes wonderful! she reads and prays often but just cant seem to make it to church because she has some anxiety issues so were working with her. we taught her about the plan of salvation. she needed that because she was thinking of and missing her parents during this christmas season. im so grateful for the plan of salvation. then we met with the investigator that we found in the womens shelter c. we shared the christmas video with her and she loved it! now shes anxious to learn more about our church! the we went to the chungs house and had the children learn of the restoration with us. sister chung made us some delicious loaf! 

fri- we met our district today! its alot smaller than my last one but there a fun bunch! we learned about how to better use the christmas initiative so that was fun! then we had some lessons with members and an investigator named j. shes super cute! we read enos 1 with her and talked about it with her! she has a baptismal date for december 19th! :) sowe went offroading by accident in the countyr on the way to the mencias house oops! :)

sat- we met with a returning member named c at the drowmeys house. we shared the christmas video and talked about the atonement. we went to visit sister p a returning memebr snd she shared her conversion story with us. 

sun- stake conference! elder schwitzer of the seventy talked about the book of mormon mixed with history and it was really awesome! the toronto temple presidency also talked about eternal marriage yay!  then we had lunch with loretta and her family and shared the christmas video. such a sweet spirit comes with that video! we also brought a referral a book of mormon in the hospital that felt good. then we had dinner with the macjanets, they live in a mansion! but yeah it was nice to get to know them and watch the a saviopur is born video with them.congrats marci and di on your calls thats so exciting! i love you all and discover why #asaviourisborn on ! :D <3

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