Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 6 in the Field!!

The biggest news of the week! 
I have a NEW TRAINER!!! happened...When the call came that Sister Hayes was going to transferred out of Srinakharin leaving me behind...Both of us did not want to believe it! 
Sister Hayes and I had only been together for 5 weeks and I am still a Greenie, so the two of us were pretty confused and sad to find out that we would no longer be serving together...
But we decided to trust the Lord and went off to Transfers...
And sure enough, I quickly saw that the Lord doesn't just put random people into our lives, and sends us off to random places.
If Sister Hayes is my mother, Sister Blaylock, my new trainer is my "cool aunt."
Sister Hayes set the vision for my mission. Through her example of diligent service to the Lord, she helped me to engrave an image of what my mission should become.
With Sister Blaylock...I feel as if I can slowly, but surely learn and progress in order to obtain that vision.
Whereas Sister Hayes was a powerhouse, full of light and something close to that of a perfect missionary...
It's clear that Sister Blaylock recognizes her own weaknesses and is in the progress of learning and progressing.
With Sister Hayes, she seemed so very far ahead of me, and I was always running to try and keep up with her.
Many times, I was discouraged...
With Sister Blaylock, I feel like we can progress together. 
Although she has been in the country for 10 months and has much more experience than me, I feel more like her companion, and not just a lame appendage...
Maybe it's because with Sister Hayes gone, and Sister Blaylock new to the area, it's my responsibility to help her get to know the people here....
Or maybe it's because with the switch in companionship, I feel like I can take a bold step forward...
Or maybe it's because I can connect with Sister Blaylock's experiences more...
Whatever it is, I am so very thankful to my Heavenly Father for recognizing what I need on this mission to be successful...
On this mission, I was given birth by an amazing mother who will always be my role model and I will always strive to be a missionary like her...
But I have also been given the opportunity to be raised by a cool aunt who is caring, someone who recognizes her own imperfections and strives to work together with me to be successful in this area! 
With a powerhouse mother and a more laid back aunt, I am learning that there isn't just one rigid way to do missionary work! 
There are so many different ways to be an obedient successful missionary, and most importantly to be optimistic and have fun! 

Another blessing from transfers was that I got to see Sister Smith and Elder Blad there! 
It was so good to see my companions from the MTC and catch up!
Although I had seen Sister Htway and Sister Black a couple times, it was so rewarding to see my two companions! 
It was so wonderful to see that the two of them were glowing with light!
Although each of them have many challenges...they are staying optimistic and trusting in the Lord.
Their smiles were radiant. They were smiles that only someone emitting the light of Christ could have!

To add to these transfers I surprised myself with how much Thai I could understand and how much I could respond to questions of the Thai members!
I could actually have a conversation with them!! 
This was not something I could do when I first came into the it was a comforting to know that I have progressed in the language...
To add the cherry on top, I had two full conversations on the phone with members that day, something that I have never been able to do before.

This transfer was definitely a great blessing! 

Singing Christmas songs with some cute kid's at Sister Lek's Children's Library! 

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