Monday, December 14, 2015

Raise the Hammer!

monday-we had dinner with the stockwells. they are so cute! poor brother stockwell wasnt feeling well so i gave him some suggestions on what he could take. keep him in your prayers please!

tuesday-we met with our investigator d at the library. he accepted to be baptized on january 8th and were so pumped! we had dinner with joey holtbys grandparents so that was a fun experience! i see his parents every sunday too and i signed his christmas card haha he will have no idea! 

wed- zone conference was the best! president and sister clayton had us sing the twelve days of christmas and had us all make up an action to go with it. then we sang hymns and president takes his conducting very seriously! i love the claytons! as missionaries we dont have much to give during christmas time in terms of material things. but what we can give christ is our will. we must turn it over to him and develop his attributes. we had a great coordination meeting! our ward mission leader read a letter to my neighbour and was really inspired to make some great changes in the ward to help with the work. yay! 

thurs-today was a good day! lots of good lessons! sister saul gave us lots of cookies and ice cream. im gonna roll out of this are when i leave :).

fri- we met with two of our investigators jen and cor. jen has commited to be batized january 9th. cor has a great desire to really come to know that the book of mormon is true. she loves studying it and has many questions yay! 

sat- we met with d. hes been reading the book of mormon yay!and he came out to church and stayed all three hours!

sun-the sabbath is a delight! i gave a talk about the atonement and the gospel of jesus christ. i was pretty calm when giving the talk so prayer works! we went to the bishops for supper and it was full of laughs!

i love you all :D <3

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